Laser Keyboard with USB Charger Review



Technologies are making human life more comfortable and easier day by day. The market is currently loaded with unlimited technology innovations and they are becoming an essential part of our lifestyle. Our smartphones are one of the top rated units in this list and they stay with us every time. There is no doubt to say that these compact units assist us in every routine task but when it is time to type a document on the go then the tiny keyboard of the phone cannot perform well. In that case, Laser Keyboard can assist you well.

Things to know about Laser Keyboard with USB Charger:

With a bright future of typing needs, Laser Keyboard with USB Charger has arrived with a pocket-size design. Yes! This QWERTY keyboard is portable enough and it can move with you everywhere by fitting inside your pocket. You can connect it instantly with Bluetooth based connection or by using USB port and start typing on a flat surface where keys will appear in form of red laser.

Another great news is that this keyboard can also serve you as a power bank and you can charge your phone with this laser keyboard. Keep this laser unit charged all the time and it will work like a handy power bank/typing master for you.

Essential features of Laser Keyboard with USB Charger:

It can be connected instantly to the phone via USB or Bluetooth.

This laser keyboard also serves as a 5200mAh efficient power bank.

This compact device has an overall dimension of 5.7x2.1x8.6cm only.

Laser Keyboard with USB Charger consumes very little power.

Designed with easy to use English QWERTY typing keyboard design.

You will be glad to know that this laser keyboard is compatible with all latest operating systems like iOS, Linux, Windows Phone 7, Windows 7 and Windows 8. It also supports Mac OS X, Android 3.0 and higher versions.

It can be connected to mobile devices, PAD as well as a desktop via USB connectivity.

With all such amazing features, this Laser Keyboard with USB Charger serves as the best companion for all adults and youngsters alike. No matter what time you need to type a document, simply switch your laser keyboard and start typing at any time and anywhere. It will help you to type at maximum speed. The great thing is that you need not carry a heavy battery backup on your outdoor trips, this tiny laser keyboard can assist you well in terms of the instant source of power.

The Conclusion:

The Laser Keyboard with USB Charger is definitely a must buy the product for all business owners, students, and office workers. It can help them to type a document with ease, provide enough power backup and clear up some much needed desk space . This keyboard can be easily connected to any handheld or desktop unit. 


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