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3 in 1 Camera Lens



This easy clip lens can be clipped onto your  smartphone to optimize the use of you camera. Clip the lens over the camera to use it. Lightweight and very easy to carry. 



3 x Camera lenses for Wide angle and macro views.

Macro lens can take photos of very small objects and the wide angle lens can shoot larger range of scenery.

Overall view 180 degrees no dark corners (Macro 30X)

Easy clip lens bag included



Wide Angle Lens

Magnification: Wide 0.67X

Lens Construction: Two elements in two groups

Dimensions: 20mm x 11.2mm

weight: 4.2g

Macro Lens

Magnification: Super Macro

Lens Construction: One element in one group

Shot Distance: Between 10 - 23mm

Dimensions: 15.8mm x 6.5mm

weight: 1.5g

Fish-Eye Lens

Magnification: up to 180 degrees

Dimensions:25mm (diameter) x 15mm (length)

weight: 11g



R 249